14.1 Open WOD

1)Watch this video, make sure you know the standards: 14.1 Movement Standards 2)Sign up on the schedule, let us know what day/time you'd like to do the WOD. Open WOD 14.1 10 min amrap 30 dubs 15 Power Snatch (55/75) So glad we did this one a couple weeks ago!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Clean & Jerk (squat cleans/split or push) 5 x 2 5 RFT 30 Dubs 15 Wall Balls (14/20) 7 Power Cleans (75/115) 200m run Endurance Option: 6 rds 200m row/run 10 burpees 20 air squats CrossFit Kids Compassion WOD This past Saturday, some of our youngest CrossFitters joined the kids at CrossFit Mandeville and other... Continue Reading →

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