Friday, July 25, 2014

There is a swim meet at the club today. The 5 AM class will have a swim WOD option. All other class times will WOD in the box.

Swim WOD
Burpee Ball Slam (15/30)
100m swim/400m run
Classes 8:00-5:00

Buy in: 150 Dubs/300
Wall Balls (14/20)
Russian KBS (55/70) (shoulder height)
—–Rest 1 min—–
Power Snatch (75/115)
—–Rest 1 min—–
Burpee Ball Slam
—–Rest 1 min—–
Cash Out: 500m row
Burpee Ball Slam Video-click here
Oly (6pm)
A) Split Jerk: 70/2, 80/2, 90/1, 80/3, 85/3*3 sets
B) Power Clean w/ pause at bottom of knee + Clean + Jerk: 1+1+1/6 sets
C) Double KB Row: 4×8 AHAP
D) Weighted sit-ups: 4 x 8 AHAP

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