FSCF Members Only Competition

It’s this Saturday! We’ll start comp at 8:00am. You can register at the front desk, it’s only $20!

WOD #1
5 min Max Clean
1 min rest
2 min row for Max Calories

*Athlete will get 2 scores for this wod [1)Clean & 2)Calories]
**Clean score will be Lift divided by Athlete’s body weight

WOD #2
40m sled drag Sc(70/90) Rx(90/135)
Box Jump Overs Sc(20/24)step ups ok Rx(20/24)no step ups
Deadlifts Sc(95/155) Rx(155/225)
AbMat Situps Rx(15/25)
40m sled drag

WOD #3
5 min Amrap
5 Power Snatch Sc(45/75) Rx(65/95)
5 Burpees Over Bar
Immediately into:
3 min Amrap
Sc (90 singles) Rx (30 Dubs)
20 Thrusters Sc(45/75) Rx(65/95)

*Athlete will receive score for each amrap

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