Friday, August 29, 2014

5– 25m swim sprints
(5 x 100m sprints, walk back to start)

With a partner, swim 25m. First person goes again when 2nd person touches wall. Each partner completes 5 x 25m.
If individual, rest 1:1.

– Then –

12 min amrap

Partner 1 Swims 50m (runs 200m)
Partner 2 does Air Squats until Partner 1 touches wall (returns)

Oly (6pm)
Push Press + Power Jerk + Split Jerk: (% of Jerk Max): 40/3+3+3, 50/2+2+2, 55/1+1+1, 60/1+1+1, 65-70/1+1+1*4 sets
B) Clean + FS + Jerk: 1+2+1: Find Max in Complex then complete Clean and Jerk x 1 rep @ same weight from from floor x 6 sets
C) GHRaise: 3×8
D) Seated BB Press: 4×6

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