Wednesday, April 29, 2015

7 RFT7 OHS (65/95)50m Farmers Carry (35/55)200m runOly (7pm) 1)*No feet- Hip Sn+Sn drop3/602/701a) Snatch2/83%2/871/932)*Rack-2sec pause in dip-power jerk5×2/start 80% finish 90%3) Back squat 20/  +5# from last set4) DB RDL4×5 AHAP with control

Monday, April 27, 2015

Front Squat4 x 3 AHAP.Fight Gone Bad3 Rds, 1 min/station, 1 min rest after ea rd Wall Balls (14/20)KB Sumo DL Highpulls (55/70)Box Jumps (20/24)Push Press (55/75)Row for Calories **Score is Total Reps for 3 RdsOly (7pm)1) 2sec Pause in dip Jerk5×2/75% increase ea set (finish @ 85-90%)2) Hip Sn+Sn *no feet3×3/70%2×2/752×1/803) Back squat20/ +5# from last set4)... Continue Reading →

Friday, April 24, 2015

10 rds50m swim (Adv-100m)10 Goblet Squats (35/55)10 KBS.Or.10 rds200m run10 Ball Slams (10/20)10 Jumping lunges Ea-----------------------------------------------Oly (6pm)1) PwrCln+hang cln+PwrJerk3/603/652/701a) Clean2x1/752) Sn Gr Ppress5x4/65% of Sn3) Back Squat20/+5# from last set

Swim wods

Weather Permitting we will start our swim wods tomorrow!!! You always have the option not to swim, BUT if you dislike swimming that usually means you SHOULD swim.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

5 sets:Pwr Sn + Sn Bal + SnatchStart @65% of Snatch.5 RFT 8 Shoot thrus**12 Alt DB Snatch (35/55)8 T2B.**Scale for shoot thrus = 8 Parallette dips + 8 HR push-ups Tracey PowellSarah LoreKirsten BehlerDino BehlerDavid SteudlinPaul Graff

Wednesday, April 22, 2014

Emom16Even: 5 Deadlift (155/225) + 6 Alt PistolsOdd: 10 Box Jump Overs (20/24)(Partners: one start on Deadlifts one on Box jump overs).Finisher:1,000m row for timeOly (7pm)Wkout21) E2MOM 12 (6sets) Hang Sn+Sn bal+OHSSets 1-3/65 %Sets 4-5/70Set 6/75.2) Split Jerk from rack6x2/ start @ 65% work up.3) Sn High Pull 2x3/90%2x3/952x2/100.4) 4 supersets w same barbell8- RDL *not heavy8-... Continue Reading →

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