Friday, April 17, 2015

Bent Row

6 x 3 AHAP 


Teams of 2:


10 WallBalls (14/20)

5 Deck Squats (20/35)


Rower: Team will also row for calories. One partner rows while the other performs WallBalls & Deck Squats for 2 minutes. 

Then they switch, for a total of 8 x 2:00 minute rounds.

**there will be 2 scores/team, Total Rds & Cal————————————————————

Oly (6pm)

1) 2Hang Sn+Sn Bal+OHS

*start at 60% and work up

6 sets

2) Sn High pull 

* slow to knee then explode

**start @ 70% and work up


3) Back Squat

20/+5# from last set

4) Sotts Press

5×3/AHAP with control

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