Monday, June 15, 2015

5 sets

2 Back Squats + 1 Behind Neck Split Jerk

Watch Demo here:


14 min AMRAP

200m run/row

5 Pull Ups (Adv MU, C2B)

10 Alt DB Snatches 

15 Burpees

Congrats to all of our FSCF competitors that fought hard this weekend! 

Madison Campbell

Jennifer Milligan

Tracey Powell

Kirsten Behler

Dino Behler

David Steudlin

Chris Ducre

Ryan Gonzalez

Frankie Dimitri   

Oly 7pm

Sotts press (front rack)


5sec Pause Back Squat

3×2/ 30%

1) loHangSn+2 SnBal 





2) Sn Ppress

5×4/ work up to 70% of Sn

3) RDL 2sec pause @knee

4×4/70% of clean

4) Hanging leg raises


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