Monday, June 29, 2015

5 sets 

1 1/4 Front Squats x 2
Build over the course of the five sets.

7 RFT 

15 Hang Power Clean (65/95)

30 Dubs/60

200m run/row


Awesome showing Sunday at our Annual Summer Meet by our hard working lifters!! 

In their weight classes:

Juliana Lentz – 1st place

Peyton Finch – 1st place

Kiara Carter – 1st place & Best Female Youth Lifter

ChasityHowell – 1st place

Catherine Callan – 3rd place

Dan Leddy  – 2nd place


Oly 7 pm


Sotts press (Sn Grip)


5sec pause BS


1) Hip Sn+Low Hang Sn

5×2/work up to 75% 

2) Sn PPress

5×4/60-70% Sn

3) In the hole FS

4×3/work up to 75% of Cln 

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