Monday, July 13, 2015

Back Squat 

4 x 3



1 set Max UB reps @75%


For Time:


T2B (GHD / V – Ups)

Shoulder to Overhead (65/95)

200m Run


Some of our amazing athletes competed this weekend in Ponchatoula at the Summer Partner Throwdown IV. This was a large competition with teams representing boxes from all over the state. Everyone did an exceptional job representing FSCF. 

Christian Dimitri & Billy Carter – 1st 

Evelynn Bouyelas & Aluson Timmons – 7th

Tracey Powell & David Steudlin – 17th 

Dino Behler & Jose Balli – 4th

  Christian Dimitri


  Billy Carter


Alison Timmons

.    Evelynn Bouyelas 


  Tracey Powell


  David Steudlin


Dino Behler


Oly 7pm

BB Warmup then

1) Sn 

work triples up to 65% then


2) Sn Bal

4×2/ work up to 80% if Sn


5×4/80% of clean 


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