Monday, May 16, 2016

Front Squat – take no more than 20 minutes to warm up to 90% of last weeks 2RM and do:
3 x 2 @90% of 2RM

3 RFT 

800m run


Russian KBS (55/70) heavy 


A few of your fellow athletes represented against 38 teams, from as far away as Puerto Rico, at the International Dragon Boat Race. Our Forged Steele CrossFit team won first place Grand Champions with the overall best time of the day! 


Oly 7pm

1) Hip Sn+Sn BK+OHS


2) Sn Doubles EMOM10-12 (5-6sets)

start at 65% *small increments

2a)Snatch EMOM3


3)FS *Skip if FS done in CF


4) In the hole FS *Complete only if skipping (3)

4×2/75,80,80,85% of Cln

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