Monday, June 20, 2016

Back Squat
20 min to find your 5 RM
-work in sets of 2-3, your 5RM should be ~85% of your 1RM

-then complete 1 set max reps (to failure) @90% of 5RM


E3mom 15 (5 sets)

200m Run + AMRAP Power Clean (95/135), Sc(65/95) in remaining time.


*Your score is the total number of cleans you complete in each of the four 3-minute rounds.




200m run + 

AMRAP 10 Air Squats + 10 Flutterkicks 

Oly 7pm

1) SnPul+Sn+HngSn E2MOM 10


2) Sn push press

3×8/85% of 8RM 

*increase if necessary


Find 5rm in 20min


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