Friday, May 19, 2017

For time: 
100m swim/400m run

50 4-count flutter kicks 

100m swim/400m run 

50 Alt Lateral KB Lunges (R+L=2)

100m swim/400m run

50 V-ups

100m swim/400m run

20 In & Outs/40 Plank Alt.Arm/leg raises*

100m swim/400m run

*Plank Alt Arm/leg raises=

While in plank raise Rt arm + Lt Leg, then switch to Lt arm + Rt leg

Oly 6pm

 1) Split Jerk

4×2/work up to 75%


2) Sn DL w shrug

5×3/90,95,100,105,105+% of Sn

3) OHS

5×2/70,75,80,85,90% of Sn

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