Crossfit is a strength and conditioning program, not a specialized fitness program. Our trainers at Forged Steele CrossFit have developed a program that gives you the ability to be ready for real world fitness with a deliberate attempt to optimize your general physical preparedness or GPP. We focus on the 10 fitness domains that CrossFit has establish. The 10 fitness domains are cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy.

Based on the CrossFit prescription of “constantly varied, high-intensity functional movement,” our program combines strength training with the “classic” CrossFit cardio workout. In a 1-hour class, you could be working on pull-ups, rowing, Olympic lifts and more. Every “workout of the day” (WOD) is different so you never get bored.  Each workout is scaled according to your fitness level so you get the maximum workout every time.


CrossFit Kids
CrossFit Kids is a method for teaching Greg Glassman’s CrossFit to children ages 3-18. Based on the principle of Mechanics, Consistency and then Intensity, CrossFit Kids emphasizes good movement throughout childhood and adolescence. Consistently good mechanics translates to physical literacy, enhanced sports performance and fewer sports injuries for kids. Not only that, a vast body of research indicates that exercise is beneficial to cognitive function, which means consistent adherence to the program can have a positive impact on children’s academic achievement.

CrossFit Kids is meant to be BIG fun for all ages. Broad-Inclusive-General fun. Fun means we provide an active alternative to sedentary pursuits, which means less childhood obesity and all-around better health for our children. Further, the needs of second graders and high-school varsity wrestlers differ by degree and not kind; the program is scalable for any age or experience level and accounts for the varied maturation status one can find in a class full of kids.

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